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COVID-19 Rules in Egypt

From 26th June 2021, You can enter Egyptian territory without a PCR test, if you are fully vaccinated (2 doses), the last dose of which is more than 2 weeks old, with a stamped certificate and QR code.
If you are NOT fully vaccinated, it is mandatory to submit a negative PCR test, print on paper, in order to enter the Egyptian territory. This measure applies to ALL travelers. The test must be done within 72 hours before arrival in Egypt. Child less than 6 years old not need test.

Here are the main rules to remember:

  • Masks must be wear in all enclosed areas, transportation, accommodation and enclosed sites
  • Temperature measurement at each entry of sites and accommodation
  • Hand disinfection at each site entrance, transportation, accommodation
  • Social distancing of 2m.

A fine of EGP 4,000 (approx. $260) may be imposed on you in case of non-compliance with health regulations.

The following main actions taken by Egyptian authorities are currently in place to address the Covid-19 outbreak in Egypt:
• Public and private public transportation stops between 12 am and 4 am.
• Coffee shops and restaurants are open until 00:00 with a capacity of 50%. .
• Shops (except supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, bakeries) and shopping malls are closed from 9:00 pm

Government controls for safe entry into archaeological sites and museums:
1- The sterilization of archaeological sites and museums before their opening for a visit under the supervision of a team of archaeological educators, secretaries and inspectors.
2- Daily temperature measurements of workers and visitors before the visit.
3- Place labels on the floor to determine standing positions in rows to maintain safe distances between People

Concerning travel:
1- the guide is obliged to wear a face mask with his commitment of explanation using the headphones inside the museums, and to sterilize the headphones after each use.
2-Taking into account the maintenance of safety distances between visitors during visits to museums and archaeological sites by placing a limited number of visitors at the same time in the museums covered and archaeological sites as follows:
• 200 visitors/hour at the Cairo Museum and 100 visitors/hour at other museums.
• 5-10 visitors to visit the pyramid or an old tomb from the inside

Regulations in the accommodation

General Hygiene Directives
– All of our employees are submissive to health checks and have been trained in infection prevention procedures. They wear masks and are provided with personal protective equipment required for their work.
– A reinforced cleaning and sanitation process is carried out in accordance with the protocol of the Ministry of Health in all areas of accommodation, including rooms, lobby, restaurants, bars, swimming pool, beach and other facilities. Heavily affected areas are frequently disinfected during the day.
– Temperature checks are carried out and recorded for all guests and employees at each entrance of the hotel and every day in the restaurants. People showing symptoms or signs of illness will be reported to local authorities.
– Disinfectant dispensers are available at key points around the hotel and for meals.

Food Service Facilities
– All food preparation and handling processes are carried out with the highest hygiene precautions.
– Restaurants and seating have been redesigned to allow a safety distance of 2 m.
– The installed table has been adapted with additional safety measures.
– Meals are in the form of menus, buffets are currently prohibited.
– Individual hand sanitization is provided at each meal.
– Some of our restaurants and bars may temporarily provide limited service.
– Shisha facilities are prohibited by authorities and not available.

The Rooms
– Rooms are fully disinfected after departure and no entry after disinfection for 48 hours.
– A reinforced cleaning program is conducted as directed by the Ministry of Health including additional disinfection of the high pressure room and bathroom areas.
– A cleaning service is provided every 3 days. However available at any time on request.
– Pool towels are in waterproof packaging and provided in your room.
– Linens and towels are washed at high temperature and disinfected.
– Air conditioning filters are cleaned and disinfected.

Recreational facilities
– A safety distance of 2 meters honored at the pool and beaches.
– All chairs and tables are disinfected after each use.
– The gym, spa and beauty salon are temporarily unavailable.

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